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Class Alfresco.AddEmailInvite

Extends Alfresco.component.Base
AddEmailInvite component.
Defined in: addemail.js
Constructor Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
AddEmailInvite constructor.
Fields borrowed from class Alfresco.component.Base:
modules, options, services, widgets
Method Summary
Method Attributes Method Name and Description
Add email button click
Fired by YUI when parent element is available for scripting.
Methods borrowed from class Alfresco.component.Base:
attachLinkClickListeners, bind, createYUIButtons, destroy, fire, invokeAction, msg, onComponentLoaded, onComponentsLoaded, onReadyWrapper, refresh, setMessages, setOptions
Constructor Detail
AddEmailInvite constructor.
{String} htmlId
The HTML id of the parent element
{Alfresco.AddEmailInvite} The new AddEmailInvite instance
Method Detail
addEmailButtonClick(e, p_obj)
Add email button click
{object} e
DOM Event
{object} p_obj
Optional object literal from event listener definition

Fired by YUI when parent element is available for scripting.
Component initialisation, including instantiation of YUI widgets and event listener binding.

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