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Class Alfresco.component.ShareFormManager

Extends Alfresco.component.FormManager
ShareFormManager component.

Determines those pages defined as "AJAX state pages" and thus able to restore previous
state from URL arguments.
Defined in: share.js
Constructor Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
ShareFormManager constructor.
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Fields borrowed from class Alfresco.component.Base:
modules, services, widgets
Method Summary
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Override this method to make the user visit this url if no preferred url was given for a form and
Share pages that use ajax state ("#").
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navigateForward, onBeforeFormRuntimeInit, onCancelButtonClick, onFormContentReady, onFormSubmitFailure, onFormSubmitSuccess, onReady
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attachLinkClickListeners, bind, createYUIButtons, destroy, fire, invokeAction, msg, onComponentLoaded, onComponentsLoaded, onReadyWrapper, refresh, setMessages, setOptions
Constructor Detail
ShareFormManager constructor.
{String} el
The HTML id of the parent element
{Alfresco.component.ShareFormManager} The new ShareFormManager instance
Method Detail
{string} getSiteDefaultUrl()
Override this method to make the user visit this url if no preferred url was given for a form and
there was no page visited before the user came to the form page.
{string} The url to make the user visit if no other alternatives have been found

{boolean} pageUsesAjaxState(url)
Share pages that use ajax state ("#").
{boolean} True if the url is recognised as a page that uses ajax states (adds values after "#" on the url)

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